Fire Safety in Kazakhstan

In accordance with Russian Federal Law No.123 of 22.06.2008, “Technical Regulation on Fire Safety, entered force on 01.05.2009”, prior to receiving conformity assessments (GOST R or TRCU), Fire safety certificate should be completed.

There is no separate Fire Safety Certification in Kazakhstan. However, in case of equipment that requires fire safety tests to issue GOST K certificate, fire safety test reports are mandatorily requested. CERINS provides fire safety test reports published by accredited laboratories in the territory of Kazakhstan.

Main products subject to fire safety tests are shown on the “Procedure for harmonization of regulatory documents on standardization with the bodies of the State Fire Service, ПР РК 64.1.01-97”.

Major Fire Safety Objects

Following products are subject to fire safety tests.

  • Liquid and gas
  • Soft furniture and furniture products
  • Flat and slopping roofs of buildings and structures
  • Insulated materials and products
  • Building materials and materials for interior finishing
  • Firefighting products
  • Cable products
  • Household and similar electrical appliances, etc.


Detailed information is needed for checking whether the goods are subject to fire safety testing or not as per their characteristics, usage, etc. CERINS are ready to give all information after the receipt of this information.

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