Metrology Certification

Registration of Metrology Equipment

A metrological certificate, also known as a certificate of approval for a type of measuring instrument, is a certificate for measuring instruments.

Technical equipment, which is a measuring instrument before operation, shall be tested with the subsequent approval of the type of these measuring instruments. The procedure for approving the type of measuring instrument is set out in ST RoK 2.21-2017 «GSI RK. Procedure for testing and type approval of measuring instruments».

A measuring instrument is a technical instrument intended for measurement and having standardized metrological characteristics. The belonging of technical means to measuring instruments is established by RSE «Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology» (KazInMetr).

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On ensuring the uniformity of measurements," issue, application, realization and advertising of measurement means, subject to the state metrological control, not passed the test for the purposes of type approval or metrological certification shall be prohibited.

The validity of the certificate of approval of the type of measuring instruments - no more than 5 years

The validity of the certificate of approval of the type of batch of measuring instruments is indefinite

In addition to the approval of the type of MI there is a metrological certification of MI. Metrological certification of measurements means – establishment (confirmation) of correspondence of measurements means, produced or imported in single copies to the requirements of regulatory documents on ensuring the unity of measurements. The main difference is that metrological certification is issued per unit of equipment, while type approvals are issued per model /line / type of equipment.


You can find all the registered technical means in the Register of State Measuring Instruments (GSI RK) on the official site of RSE "KazInMetr".

Certificates are issued with attached documents, which indicate the scope, purpose, error, test interval and other information. The MI type approval process takes 3-4 months, the MI metrological certification process takes 2-3 months.

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