In accordance with “TRCU 012/2011, on the safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres”, Ex-rated equipment used in atmospheric conditions which contain explosive gas, vapor or duct requires a separate regulation to follow. This environment, regarded as hazardous areas, generally includes oil refineries, oil and petrochemical industry, mines, and other industrial areas.

In principle, related regulation follows “the Decision of the Customs Union Commission No. 825 of 18.10.2011”. However, it shares a good amount of similarities to internationally well-known IEC Ex system, ATEX95, ATEX 137 Directives, etc.


If the applicant does not have ATEX or other similar international certificates, sample testing shall be performed by the Russian accredited laboratory. Therefore, lead time and required document review works can vary case by case.

TRCU Ex main products

  • Electrical equipment used in hazardous area
  • Measuring equipment working with electrical power consumption
  • Automatic controlling system
  • Connection elements, junction box, cable gland, etc.
  • Actuators, valve controllers, etc.
  • Non-electrical equipment having potential ignition resources

TRCU Ex Valid Period

Certificates can be issued in two validity period types, one-shipment (one-batch) certificates, and serial production certificates.

  • One-shipment: validation date follows the period mentioned in a contract between importer and exporter, subject to products used in plant projects like one-off products or products not for resale to 3rd parties.
  • Serial production(1~5 years): the period of validity for the certificate will be given and during the validity period, continuous exporting/importing is allowed.


Applicant: legal entity registered in accordance with the legislation of the member state of the customs union on its territory.

Factory audit: serial production certificate requires factory audit including sample test or witness of test and regular post-audit as per validity period.

Lead-time: 1 to 2 weeks after the presentation of complete technical documents is provided, or after the factory audit, inspection including test is completed if applicable.

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