GOST strength calculation

GOST strength calculation is requiredin Russia and CIS countries for EAC certification like ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) strength calculation. The strength statement for pressure-related equipment, including heat exchangers, columns, pressure vessels, etc., is one of the documents required to issue EAC/TRCU certificate.

GOST Strength Calculation Act 

The GOST Strength calculation provided by CERINS complies with the Rostekhexpertiza association standard SA 03-004-07 recommended by Rosteknadzor (RTN) and it is calculated and provided in accordance with the following standards:

  • GOST 14249-89
  • GOST 25221-82
  • GOST 26202-84
  • GOST 24755-89
  • RD 26-15-88
  • RD RTM 26-01-96-77
  • RD 10-249-98
  • OST 26-01-64-83
  • RD 26-01-169-89
  • RD 24 200-21-91
  • GOST R 51273-99
  • GOST R 51274-99
  • ASME Sec. VIII
  • ASME Sec. II
  • WRC-107
  • WRC-297
  • Etc.

Vessels and apparatus (GOST R 52857) – Norms and methods of strength calculation

  • GOST R 52857.1 — General requirements
  • GOST R 52857.2 — Calculation of cylindric and conic, shells convex and flat bottoms and covers
  • GOST R 52857.3 — Reinforcement of openings in shells and heads under internal and external pressure. Strength calculation of shells and heads under external static loads on the nozzle
  • GOST R 52857.4 — Strength and leak-tightness calculation of flange joints
  • GOST R 52857.5 — Calculation of shells and heads from influence of support loads
  • GOST R 52857.6 — Strength calculation under low-cyclic loads
  • GOST R 52857.7 — Heat-exchangers
  • GOST R 52857.8 — Jacketed vessels and apparatus
  • GOST R 52857.9 — Determination of stresses at nozzle-to-shell and head junctions under action of pressure and external loads on the nozzle
  • GOST R 52857.10 — Vessels and apparatus involving hydrogen sulphide media
  • GOST R 52857.11 — Method of strength calculation of shells and heads according to weld misalignment, angular misalignment and shell non-roundness
  • GOST R 52857.12 — Requirements for representation of the strength calculations carried out on the computer
Calculation results will be issued in the form of complete report on the model’s components, including all intermediate calculations.


GOST calculation is stricter than ASME, therefore, even though ASME calculation is obtained, GOST calculation should be carried out for complete EAC certification. This requirement is stipulated in TRCU standards.