VoC (Verification of Conformity) is a conformity compulsory certification system of the specific country of import.

When exporting products to Iran, the following two or three types of certificates are required to demonstrate the conformity of regulated safety standards together with pre-shipment inspection performed by inspection bodies accredited by the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI).

  • CoI (Certificate of Inspection): A certificate certifying the compliance with the safety standards listed in L/C (Letter of Credit) or ISIRI mandatory list. The physical inspection and the examination for the conformity of standards concerned are carried out.
  • Inspection Certificate (IC): If the transaction is not L/C basis and/or mandatory ISIRI standards are not available, after reviewing the relevant safety standards authorized by a certain country or international standards, Inspection Certificate together with physical inspection is issued.
  • Commercial Inspection Certificate: A third-party pre-shipment inspection agreed upon between the exporter and the importer if the transaction is not done through the bank or is not subject to ISIRI mandatory certification scheme.
It is necessary to check beforehand whether the specifications or safety standards listed in L/C, Proforma, and/or Sales Contract meet related to the safety standards of the product. If the application of the standard is wrong, it causes the matter that all relevant documents are to be revised later (during inspection and certification review).

ISIRI permits situationally manufacturer’s self-standards, national and/or international standards which are adopted by manufacturers besides Iran national standards. The appropriate specific standards of the product to be applied should be reviewed in advance.

CERINS has numerous experience and extensive branches and networks, and CERINS issue CoI, IC, and Commercial certificate with partnership with Iran’s ISIRI approval inspection agency.

Inspection Application

The exporter shall fill in the Request for Inspection (RFI) with the date and time of the Inspection and apply to CERINS with the following documents.

  • Copies of L/C and/or Proforma Invoice (or Sales Contract);
  • Packing List (Estimated packing list before inspection – After inspection, finalized packing list can be submitted to CERINS);
  • Manufacturer’s declaration or Seller’s declaration (self-declaration that inspection product is manufactured according to the safety standards listed in L/C, etc.) – It may be submitted in inspection site.

Field Inspection

  • Checking the conformity with standards listed on L/C
  • Test report of Manufacturer (including standards used, test results, signature of test manager, test date, etc.)
  • Declaration of Certificate(DoC) of manufacturer (or exporter)
  • Supervising process and taking samples in the presence of CERINS inspector, according to feature of product
  • Container loading supervision by the request of exporter or importer

Issuing COI/IC

Upon completion of the physical inspection and the shipment of the goods, following final shipping documents should be submitted to CERINS for the issuance of COI/IC or Commercial Inspection Certificate after final document examination:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • B/L (Bill of Lading)
  • Товарная накладная