Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

“Pre-Shipment Inspection” means inspection activity of the quality, quantity, appearance, taxation standard, product code, container loading process, etc. of the goods and it is performed by the pre-shipment inspection agency.

This inspection is carried out prior to shipment and the certificate reflecting the inspection result is issued by the inspection agency entrusted with the inspection qualification. The scope of the pre-shipment inspection varies depending on the service contract with CERINS. It is a procedure to prevent under-valuation, which reduces the level of import tax depending on the scope of service, and vice versa, and to confirm that the goods are accurately exported and imported according to the contract between the exporter and the importer.

“Pre-shipment inspection” is divided into Mandatory Inspection and Third-Party Inspection (TPI) according to the importing country regulation and various commercial trade requirements.

Mandatory Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Inspection certificate is required by customs in the country of importation. Inspection agencies designated by the importing country conduct inspection according to the guidelines or regulations of government authority in the country of import.

This certificate is one of the required documents to be submitted at the time of customs clearance and the form of the certificate will be issued in accordance with the format designated by the relevant government authority and customs. The form of the certificate cannot be modified or changed, and the certificate issued is usually registered in the relevant government office and is not subsequently modified, changed, or reissued.

Third Party Inspection (TPI)

This service is one of various commercial inspections and this inspection is performed on behalf of exporters and importers from the perspective of third party and the process of shipment, related documents, product condition, and other requirements are inspected impartially to both parties. In general, the quality/quantity of products, technical documents, packing status, shipping mark, witness of test, etc., are inspected, supervised, reviewed and/or tested and the inspection result is provided in the form of inspection report or certificate according to the request of the exporter and importer